oil on canvas / 100x100cm / 2019
Breakfast on the icebreaker
The idea of this picture was born a few years ago, but I was looking for a long time for a composition and suitable means of expression so that it could be realized. It is based on the juxtaposition of familiar things like a Cup of coffee at Breakfast and far from everyday life as a polar expedition. Therefore, the herring on the table serves as a kind of trigger that provokes you to set a difficult goal, go beyond your daily interests, look into the future and perhaps realize how much the future of each person depends on the Arctic.

For me, this picture is also an allegory of the illusion of lightness. After all, often what seems simple and easy is worth serious work first of all on yourself and every day. Have you ever thought about how much energy an icebreaker needs to make its way through the Arctic ice?

«Breakfast on the icebreaker»
private collection (Moscow)