Oil on canvas / 90x110cm / 2019
Polar facepalm
It was the readiness with which he spoke of them. It was the context. He knew that I had arrived in Scotland, for my first visit, just an hour earlier.

The polar bear is one of the Central characters in Inuit myths and legends.Inuit mythology differs significantly from the usual legends. There is no Supreme deity. And, perhaps, bojutsu there in principle.

But everything that exists has a soul. And from this point of view, a person is hardly different from an animal or object. Also, from this point of view, all human food consists of souls.

«Polar facepalm»
private collection
(Los Angeles)

2018, Moscow
Exposed gallery

«Selection art show»
2019, Los Angeles
Toushon&Co gallery

«Art shopping art fair»
2019, Paris
Carrousel du Louvre